Your Email for Life

The Harrow Association provides you with an email you can use for life, even if you move jobs, close your home email account or other private email account you will still receive emails from your contacts, as long as you update the destination email address in your Harrow Association profile.
Check the box below and provide a Harrow Association email username (alias) and a destination email address to enable email forwarding from your lifelong email address to an address of your choice.
When creating a username, we suggest that you use your first and last name separated by a full stop – eg “joe.bloggs.” If your selected username is already in use, please try another one. We recommend placing a number after the names – eg “joe.bloggs2.”
To update your current destination address, enter the new address over the displayed address below in the “Forwarding Address” text box and click “Update.”

Email for Life

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"The Harrow Association are doing a superb job... and I have been really impressed with the way that communication has improved." - Neil Weston (Bradbys 1984³)