Crimea Tour 2017 - 22 to 27 September, 6 days


The Harrow Association, in conjunction with Steppes Travel is proposing a tour to view the battlefields and memorials of the Crimean War, 1853 - 1856. More than a hundred OHs fought in the Crimean War many with great distinction and a few, most notably the 7th Earl of Cardigan (The Head Master's 1811), played a controversial role. Great Britain entered the war during the premiership of Lord Aberdeen (The Abbey - Later Druries 1795) and the war ended under Lord Palmerston (The Abbey 1795). The present Harrow School Chapel was built at the time of the war and the south aisle was dedicated as a memorial to the twenty-two Old Harrovians who fell in the Crimea.

Steppes Travel was founded by Chairman Nicholas Laing (The Head Master's 19633) and has long experience in organising specialist tours. Their tour will be accompanied by Colonel Patrick Mercer, who has written extensively on the Crimean War and whose detailed knowledge of the battlefield is unrivalled and by Ross Beckett, retired Harrow Master, who has researched the part played by Old Harrovians.

Further information about the tour and itinerary can be found in the tour brochure here.

If you have any questions on the tour or would like to book your place, please contact:

Sally Walters at Steppes Travel.


Phone: 01285 651 010


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